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Mary-Anne Parker

Candidate for AUGSA President

Hello Athabasca Graduate Students!  My name is Mary-Anne Parker and I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m in the final project stage and my project explores the role of End of Life Doulas using phenomenological methodology – largely because I love hearing about and understanding people’s life narratives. Passionate about online learning and how it fits with life stages, I have spent the last year as VP External highlighting the graduate student perspective and bringing graduate student stories to life.  I am eager to continue this important advocacy work both within and outside Athabasca’s virtual walls, to continue to foster collaborative relationships and to keep working hard to represent graduate students.  Therefore I am excited to submit my candidacy for President of AUGSA.
As a Mum, Nana, Artist, Student, Instructor, End of Life Doula and caregiver, I am appreciative of the variety of experiences, roles, and life stages that bring students to AU.  You can follow my own journey via Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!


To continue our dedicated advocacy work with all levels of government and AU administration and hold all of us accountable for our graduate student experience.

To share my knowledge and experience in advocacy, mediation and interdisciplinary thinking to all aspects of AUGSA.


To continue and nourish a collaborative environment in which AUGSA executive and council can support each other to build capacity.

Operational Efficiency
To systematically review AUGSA's operations as best practices are ongoing and we can always do better.


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